Grassy paths crisscross a valley at the entrance to the woods where light reflects in the droplets of dew and where healthy roots give life to lush vines. A silent world as rugged and hot as the karstic rocks and the red earth, where the scenery evokes memories of far away times, serene thoughts. The Caneva vines grow on the soft rolling hills near the Consiglio woods, embraced by a natural amphitheatre, protected by the mountains and caressed by soft winds.

The winery, built with ancient stones, is safely nestled at the feet of the ancient Caneva Castle, a fortress which dates to the High Middle Ages. A tiny church dedicated to Santa Lucia sits timidly beside it.

It is here, in this place where light coloured pebbles and scarlet clods of earth act as backdrop, that the art of winemaking flourishes and bunches of perfectly ripened grapes become splendid wine to taste, full of intense aroma and heady perfumes. The same aroma and intense perfume that only expert and patient hands know how to capture and jealously conserve, harvest after harvest, to then pour for the enjoyment of those who know how to appreciate them.

The rhythm of man’s work melds into the rhythm of nature, a nature which expresses all of its splendour in its soft green rotundity and cool meandering waters.

A harmonious checkerboard of nature reigns here: woods, ploughed fields and vineyards flow into one another as far as the eye can see.

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