Bosco Bando


Gravel roads lead silently towards the nearby lagoon. A quiet world opens up, imbued with the magic atmosphere created by rarefied light, where the sounds of civilisation are unknown, where a breeze gently caresses the leaves, moving them with her light touch.

Peace reigns in the air, mixed with the smells of the earth and sea which together blend into the horizon bringing with them the overwhelming warmth of a small big family which every day patiently cares for these fertile lands so rich in minerals. The vines prosper here, ready to give those who are passionate excellent grapes which become refined wine with intense aromas and flowery hints, full of the pleasurable sensations typical of the Friuli Annia DOC region. Centuries old land rich in history where the signs of a never-forgotten past seem to delicately flourish with echoes full of sentiment and passion, a passion which continues to live through the spontaneous movements of the men who work the grapevines and the purity of the gems that grow on the vines perfectly lined up as far as the eye can see. A land once crossed by the ancient Via Annia, which connected the centre of Aquileia to Iulia Concordia and led all the way to the vital Via Emilia, dedicated to viticulture since the time of the Romans, as attested by the fascinating relics of amphora discovered in the archaeological sites of the region.

And so the past is intricately woven into the present, where nature seems to have continued slowly on her mission.

The Carlino woods, the last remains of the ancient forest, still stand in all their mysterious majesty giving the landscape, as if it were the canvas of a masterpiece, hues of green in summertime and purple in autumn.


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